SDI Sensor - 1 1/2" to 36"

SDI Series

Flow Sensors

The Data Industrial SDI Series flow sensor offers unparalleled performance for liquid flow measurement in closed pipe systems in an easy to install economical package. Impeller sensors offer a quick response to changes in flow rate and are well suited to flow control and batch type applications in addition to flow monitoring. The new four-bladed impeller design is rugged, non-fouling and does not require custom calibration. Coupled with the proprietary patented digital detection circuit, the sensor measures flows from under 0.3 ft/sec to over 20 ft/sec regardless of the conductivity or turbidity of the liquid. The standard frequency output produces a low impedance square wave signal proportional to flow rate that may be transmitted up to 2000 feet without amplification. Models are available to measure flow in one or both directions.

Hot Tap Sensors

Hot tap sensors feature an isolation valve and mounting hardware to install or remove the sensor from a pipeline that would be difficult to shut down or drain. In a true "hot tap" installation the sensor is mounted in the pipe under pressure by attaching a service saddle or weld-on fitting to the pipe and mounting the isolating valve to the threaded connection. A hole is then cut in the wall of the pipe through the valve using a commercial tapping machine with a 1" size cutter. Once the hole is cut, the tapping machine is removed and the valve is shut. Then the sensor assembly is mounted to the isolation valve and extended into the pipeline to measure flow. Even in new construction a hot tap sensor may be appropriate for service considerations.

The Data Industrial hot tap sensor is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel and is rated for service to 1000 psi and 180° F. The sensor installs in a 1" NPT tap for both wet and dry installations. The small stem diameter allows the sensor to be inserted into the pressurized pipeline by hand without the need for an installation tool. The mounting hardware holds the sensor firmly in place at the correct depth and alignment.

Insert Sensors

SDI insert style flow sensors are intended for general flow measurement applications. They are available in either brass or stainless steel construction. The insert style sensors are intended for direct installation into pipelines through a 1" tap. The pipeline must be out of service and not under pressure at the time of installation. For any pipeline that is in service at the time of installation or cannot be de-pressurized and drained for service, Data Industrial recommends the use of our SDI hot tap models that are equipped with isolation valves.

Standard sensor stem lengths accommodate pipe sizes from 1½" through 10" in diameter. Larger sizes usually require the use of hot tap models.

When the flow sensor is installed at the correct insertion depth and properly aligned, in pipe sections with at least 10 diameters of straight pipe upstream of the sensor and 5 diameters of straight pipe downstream, accuracies of +/-1 % of rate may be achieved.


Output Configurations

Standard Frequency

Sensor output is a pulse proportional to flow. The signal is similar to all 200 Series Data Industrial flow sensors and will interface with all existing Data Industrial transmitters and monitors. The power supply to the sensor and the output signal from the sensor is carried on the same two wires. Wire connections are made at screw terminals on removable headers inside the NEMA 4X housing.

Analog Output

The sensor is also available with a two-wire loop powered 4-20mA output. The analog output is produced by an on-board micro-controller for precise, drift-free signals. The unit is programmed from a computer using Windows® based software and a connection cable. Units may be pre-programmed at the factory or field programmed. All information is stored in non-volatile memory in the flow sensor.

Scaled Pulse Output

The scaled pulse is produced by an on-board micro-controller for precise, accurate outputs. This option may be programmed to produce an isolated solid state contact closure scaled to any number of engineering units of measure. Sensors may be pre-programmed at the factory or field programmed using a Data Industrial connection cable and a Windows® based software program. All information is stored in non-volatile memory in the flow sensor. This is a four-wire option.

Bi-directional Flow- Analog Output

This option provides a programmable 4-20mA signal proportional to flow rate and a contact closure to indicate the direction of flow. All programming is accomplished as previously mentioned. The user can program the unit for pipe size, flow scale and the direction of flow. This is a six-wire option.

Bi-directional Flow- Scaled Pulse Output

This option provides the user with a choice of outputs. In one case the sensor provides an output scaled to the required number of engineering units on one set of terminals and a contact closure to indicate the direction of flow on another. The other choice provides two isolated scaled pulse outputs, one for each direction. Programming the output choice, pipe size, output scale and direction of flow by the user are also accomplished by using a PC with Data Industrial software and connection cable. This option also requires six wires.


Display Options

All models except the standard frequency output version may also be equipped with a display. Integrated into the NEMA 4X housing, the 8 digit LCD may be programmed to show rate of flow, flow total or toggle between the two. Bi-directional models also show flow direction.

Battery Powered /w Remote Display Options

The 8 character 3/8" LCD is mounted on the sensor visible through a lens at the top of the electronics housing. An optional remote display is available where the LCD is located in a wall mount NEMA 4 enclosure. The remote may be connected to the flow sensor up to a maximum of 50 feet away using extension cables.



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 Product Data Sheet

User Manuals

Engineering Specification (CSI format)

Programming software
Programming software is available and will only work with the optional A301-20 programming cable.

DI Product Software: Ver 3.12 for Windows Xp (sp2 or higher) / Vista (sp2 or higher) / Windows 7
(updated 3/10/2010)

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