Badger Meter Brands

 W A T E R


ORION® Fixed Network (SE)

ORION Fixed Network (SE) features high-powered meter endpoints and easy-to-use network data collectors to deliver precise daily meter information right to your desktop.


  • Hourly read data results in more efficient utility operation and increased customer service effectiveness
  • System flexibility supports multiple backhaul options including cellular, Wi-Fi and LAN
  • Two-way communication
  • Trusted and proven AMR/AMI technology 
  • Unlicensed, regulated FCC operation

Additional product offerings for ORION® Fixed Network (SE)

An optimized system of ORION Fixed Network (SE) and/or ORION Cellular endpoints, combined with our intuitive BEACON AMA software suite, provides optimum visibility and control to utilities through BEACON AMA for a powerful end-to-end managed solution.

See additional information about BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA).



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