Test Equipment

Portable Meter Test Equipment

Portable Large Meter Tester (PLMT)

The PLMT (pictured above) was designed for periodic accuracy testing of your large field meters to insure that you are billing for accurate usage. Easily transportable from site to site, the tester is a specialized adaptation of the standard FHM meter, incorporating both a high flow meter and a Model 25 bypass meter for measuring low flows. The optional electronic resettable registers on each meter provide rate of flow and totalization. Optional connections are available to meet any hydrant specification.

Operating Range
3" PLMT 1/4 to 500
PSMT 1/4 to 25

Registration Options: U.S. gallons, cubic feet, or cubic meters.

Portable Small Meter Tester (PSMT)

The PSMT, (pictured right) is a lightweight system for field testing of 5/8" thru 1" meters. It includes a test meter with control valves, hose connections, fittings and pressure gauge. Meter tests can be done without removing them from service. The inlet control valve ensures an accurate test start and stop. A globe valve downstream from the meter allows flow rate adjustment during test. Connection to the PSMT is made using standard 3/4" male hose connections located on the exterior of the case. Two 3/4" x 39" metal-reinforced flexible hoses are provided for easy field connections.


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