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AquaCUE Now Using Cellular LTE Endpoint

Introducing the Cellular LTE Endpoint for AquaCUE Flow Measurement Manager

Badger Meter is pleased to announce the release of the cellular LTE endpoint for use with AquaCUE. Leveraging the Long Term Evolution (LTE) and 3G cellular network, the LTE endpoint offers superior multi-network coverage through AT&T’s nationwide network when deployed as part of an AquaCUE® Flow Measurement Manager—the intuitive, cloud-based software platform provides greater visibility and control over water resources in demanding sub-metering applications. AquaCUE brings a new level of optimizing information to light with targeted advanced metering analytics and delivers a powerful dashboard capability for improving water use management, including domestic hot and cold water, irrigation systems, recreational use, tenant sub-metering, HVAC systems, and more.

Benefits of Cellular LTE
Like the CDMA endpoint, the LTE endpoint is an innovative, two-way water endpoint that utilizes existing cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely deliver meter reading data to the customer via the reliable cellular network. As an evolution in technology, the LTE endpoint offers additional benefits to customers including a standard 15-minute data interval and a more user friendly deployment feature.

Effective immediately, all new quotes and orders for managed solution endpoints will be configured and entered using cellular LTE endpoints with LTE Subscription Fee Service Units. The AquaCUE price list and quoting guide have been updated and are available at in the Resource Library. Note: you must be signed into the website to download pricing.