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Dynasonics TFX Ultra Helps Drive the Future of Industrial Automation with IIot

TFX Ultra Now Listed on ODVA Marketplace for EtherNet/IP

TFX Ultra flow meters have been compliant with EtherNet/IP technology as recognized by ODVA for years and we have recently listed the product on the ODVA Marketplace. The ODVA Marketplace is a popular directory where automation professionals go to find products compliant with ODVA technologies. Products listed in the Marketplace, such as our Dynasonics TFX Ultra and Coriolis RCT1000 (also EtherNet/IP compliant), help drive the future of industrial automation.

EtherNet/IP provides users with the network tools to deploy standard Ethernet technology (IEEE 802.3 combined with the TCP/IP Suite) for industrial automation applications while enabling Internet and enterprise connectivity…data anytime, anywhere. The Internet of Things is set to provide manufacturers with significant opportunity for innovation. To capitalize on this opportunity and be able to connect all devices – not just those connected to controllers – industrial users must invest in networks that support the Internet protocol. Through its reliance on standard Internet and Ethernet standards, EtherNet/IP is the only industrial Ethernet network that is proven, complete and ready for the Industrial Internet of Things. 

TFX Ultra ultrasonic flow and energy meters clamp onto the outside of pipes and do not contact the internal liquid. The clamp on design simplifies installation and allows the process system to continue to operate during installation. The technology has inherent advantages over alternate metering technology including:

  • Low-cost installation 
  • No pressure head loss 
  • No moving parts to maintain or replace 
  • Large, bi-directional measuring range