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Hydraulic Fluid Leak Detection Made Safer

Hydraulic fluid power is often used to perform operational movement of heavy equipment. Small leaks in most hydraulic equipment are difficult to avoid, and in some cases small leaks are acceptable if they can be controlled. However, if left undetected, these smaller leaks can become larger, which can cause outright machinery failure. Failure of hydraulic machinery can cause costly downtime and put machine operators' safety at risk.

Because hydraulic fluid operates under high pressure, it is difficult to diagnose hydraulic circuit issues when the machinery is powered off. A common cause of operator injuries in hydraulic systems is operators physically investigating leaks while the system is operational because the fluid can be very hot and the lines are under pressure.

By installing Hedland flow meters to their equipment, operators get a clear, visible indication of hydraulic line health during operation, without the dangers of a person coming in close contact with operating machinery. A higher-than-usual flow reading may indicate a significant leak while a lower-than-usual flow reading may indicate a possible line blockage.