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Impeller Meter in Water Distribution and Water Supply

Water distribution is at the end of the transport and measurement chain characterized by water catchment and supply starting at the water reservoir outlet and ending at waterworks. From there water supply lines run to the measuring devices (water meters) of indoor installation, see diagram.  The firmly installed water distribution system includes equipment for storage, increase in pressure, distribution, quantity measurement and water withdrawal. Flow meters such as electromagnetic flow meters, turbo and impeller meters are applied on selected measuring points.

Impeller meter used in water distribution and water supply

Water catchment, water distribution, source
Impeller meters are the perfect measuring transducer for water catchment, water distribution and the transport of fresh water from deep well installations and sources via lines to elevated tanks, pressure stations and public utilities. They are easy to mount, service and control in dwell pipe systems with limited space. The same applies to the supply lines to consumers.

Fresh water is fed from a dwell to an elevated tank or to a pressure station via pipeline DN 300 and from there to the supply area.

The installation of a flow measurement system in older pipelines can get complex and expensive. Due to a lack of accessibility the installation of common flow meters is difficult and eventually required installation/outlet distances are hardly feasible due to pipeline's situation and may hence result in insufficient measuring accuracy.

The impeller meter represents the perfect solution. By means of a tapping bridge and a standard tapping fitting without interruption and disruption of production operations. By inputting a K and offset factor for the current pipe size calibration is done. 

The standard frequency output generates in proportion to the flow a low-ohm square wave voltage that can be transduced from a distance of more than 1,400 m without amplification.

Diagram showing Impeller meter used in water distribution