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M-Series® M2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter Does More with New Feature Kits

October 11, 2012

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Mary von der Ehe
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Badger Meter mag meter kits increase data efficiency and expand communication protocols

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Several new feature kits for the Badger Meter (NYSE:BMI) M2000 electromagnetic flow meter expand communication protocols and provide utility and industrial operations with increased efficiency, cost savings and improved data access. Part of the Badger Meter M-Series family, the M2000 has a proven track record of delivering precise flow measurement for a variety of applications from water utility lines to chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and other industrial applications. Its open flow tube design virtually eliminates pressure loss and with an advanced, processor-based signal conversion, the M2000 achieves an accuracy rate of ± 0.25 percent.

Badger Meter has broadened its M2000 communication connection protocols to include HART®, Modbus® RTU and PROFIBUS® DP options. In addition, Badger Meter offers three feature kits to enhance M2000 performance:  Data Logging, Store/Restore and Firmware Upgrade.

Data Logging Kit − Enables Users to Quickly, Accurately Save and Transfer Data

The Data Logging kit allows customers to access, save and extract more data from their meters and provides the ability to record modifications to parameters. The kit allows users to change or update meter values, view and change settings, download flow data, and alter communication settings. Customers can use this feature to record three types of meter events to a memory token: totalizer and error log, startup log and configuration event log. Data can be collected temporarily for diagnostics or continuously for remote meter operational data logs.

Store/Restore Kit − Saves Users Time and Ensures Accuracy

Manual data reconfigurations are a thing of the past with the Store/Restore kit. This feature kit decreases installation time and costs by allowing the user to save meter configuration information to a memory token. The Store/Restore feature allows the operator to quickly reset the meter to its original specified parameters, providing the flexibility to accurately and efficiently switch between different configurations when necessary.

Firmware Upgrade Kit − Improves Efficiency and Decreases Downtime

Save on downtime by installing the latest version of Firmware in the field with the Firmware Upgrade kit. Instead of removing the meters from the line to make Firmware upgrades, customers can upgrade on location using the kit, making the process more efficient and significantly reducing downtime. Many of the M2000 meters in operation today can take advantage of the new feature kits with a simple firmware upgrade. 

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