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New Batch Controller Provides Exacting Measurement and Monitoring

September 24, 2012

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Badger Meter Model CB-30 features larger display and expanded measurement options

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Thanks to a model update, concrete suppliers and others who are looking for single point batch control will have increased control over their exacting batch needs. Badger Meter (NYSE: BMI) recently replaced its Batch Controller Model CB-20 with its Model CB-30, which includes new features that boost accuracy and durability. The CB-30 batch controller is ideal for use in concrete plants to batch water into the concrete mix, and it can be used in other applications that involve fluid transfer as well.T

he CB-30 allows the operator to quickly set and run an exact batch, which includes a preset wash amount and valve overrun compensation. A presettable batch limit prevents over batching by not allowing a batch greater than the specified value and its preprogrammed three-second pulse time fail-safe closes the valve in case of flow signal interruption. A permanent display of the preset batch informs the operator about the remaining amount and batch value. Plus, an override enables the operator to manually dispense water or add to the preset batch.

Upgraded features improve performance, precision and ease of use

Lance McNeill, owner of McNeill Concrete Works in Andalusia, Ala. says he is impressed with the improvements the new CB-30 has offered. “While the CB-20 we used before worked fine, the CB-30 has more modernized features and works even better,” McNeill says. “The display is clearer and brighter, which makes it easier to read and use.”

The CB-30’s four-digit display, an improvement from the previous three-digit display, now offers measurements in   liters and gallons. The backlight intensity can be adjusted to 20, 40, 60 or 80 percent, reducing eye-strain and improving readability. In addition, its front panel scaling allows for fast recalibration of the meter and/or counting in any unit of measure.

“We are continually looking for ways to boost our products’ performance and longevity as well as making them easier to use in the field,” says Peter Vander Grinten, Marketing Manager. “In addition to an updated display panel and more durable keypad, the CB-30 features English annunciators – such as Batch Ready, Batch, Wash Ready, Wash and Hold – that inform the operator of the batch condition.”

Designed primarily to interface with the Badger Meter industrial turbo meters and the 7500P electromagnetic meter, the CB-30 can be paired with any scaled or unscaled pulse output meter. The CB-30 is compatible with a wide range of Badger Meter transmitters and accessories to enable connectivity. The signal coming from the meter’s pulse transmitter is scaled to U.S. gallons or other units of measure. Once the Batch and Wash cycles are set by the operator, a Start command energizes the valve solenoid, opening the valve.

The CB-30 batch controller is CE approved and RoHS compliant. The controller can be mounted on the flow meter, on a wall or in an instrumentation panel. Its rugged aluminum front panel or optional enclosure provides NEMA 4X (watertight and corrosion proof) protection.

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