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November 2016 Utility Field News

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E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus with Integrated Shutoff Valve Budgetary Pricing

E-Series Plus Rendering_low res.jpgFor planning purposes, budgetary pricing for the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter has been uploaded to the Badger Meter Resource Library (login required). This information is being provided while the product team works through the remaining items in the schedule to successfully release the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter. The document is confidential and for internal use only to create budgetary quotes for customers interested in the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter. Pricing is not intended to generate formal quotes and is subject to change upon official release of the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter. 

Download the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus Budgetary Pricing document on the Badger Meter Resource Library (login required).

Formal product pricing, literature and the ability to provide a formal quotation through Big Machines will be provided when we move closer to a formal release.

More information in regard to the status release of the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter will be provided prior to the end of the year. Please contact Jan Boyer or Brooke Crevcoure if there are additional questions.

Released: HR-E® LCD 420 and HR-LCD 4-20 Scaled/Unscaled Programmer

HR-LCD 4-20 
scaled_unscaledNS.png Badger Meter is pleased to announce the release of the field programming kit for the HR-E LCD 420 encoder and the HR-LCD 4-20 scaled/unscaled register.

While the new 4-20 products come factory programmed to the customer specifications for meter model, size, unit of measure, and billing units, a field programming tool is also available. The following parameters can be reprogrammed using the customer tool:
  • Meter model
  • Meter size
  • Unit of measure
  • Visual billing units
  • Digits from the encoder (4,5,6,7,8,9)
  • Rate of flow unit/time
  • 4-20 parameters (20mA setting and damping factor)
  • Scaled output parameters (number of pulses and pulse width)
Please note, programmer version 2.0.0 or later is needed to reprogram the new 4-20 products.  For more information on how to program or how to order, see the HR-E LCD Programmer User Manual on the Badger Meter Resource Library.

Please contact Brooke Crevcoure if you have any questions.

NIST Testing for ModMAG® M-Series®

The calibration of the Badger Meter ModMAG M-Series M1000, M2000, M3000, M4000, M5000 and 7600P meters, sizes ¼ inch through 20 inch, are traceable to the International System of the units using the services of the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI). That National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recognizes the validity of CMI’s calibration and measurement certificates. Per this statement, we no longer need to send ModMAG M-Series meters (up to and including 20”) to Milwaukee or a third party test lab for NIST testing. However, if you or a customer wants the additional accuracy testing, we can still do it. Standard Build-to-Order mag meter lead times apply.

The NIST acceptance letter can be found on on each of the ModMAG M-Series product pages. Download Now

Software on 

Extranet Users (those who have a website login)
The software page which houses all of the available software on the website is now accessed by logging into the website and going to the Software page located under Support & Resources in the main navigation. This change has enabled us to streamline the legal requirements for employees and reps/distributors, allowing full access to download software without having to fill out a form every time.

End-Customers & Public Users (those who do not have a website login)
External customers requiring software downloads access the software on the relevant individual product pages. Example: M5000 Firmware download is accessed on the M5000 web page. External customers are required to fill out a form only the first time they download software from the website. Instead of an immediate download, the link to the software download is emailed to the customer.

Please contact Badger Meter Marketing with any questions. 

Document Updates

Several marketing and technical reference documents have been updated. The new document versions include up-to-date specifications and photos and have been reformatted for improved usability.

Topics in this Issue
- E-Series Plus Pricing
- HR-E Encoder Programmer
- ModMAG NIST Testing
- Badger Meter Software
- Document Updates
- Events
- Badger Meter eStore
- Inventory Report


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ModMAG® M-Series® BTO Meter Inventory Report
Updated November 1, 2016

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