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October 2016 Utility Field News

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Field Trials of Future Celluar Network

AT&T recently announced field trials of the LTE-M
(CAT M1) network, designed to support machine-to-machine communications. Their press release, available here, named Badger Meter in their list of participants.

This field trial is intended to provide early feedback on the performance of future devices that will utilize the
Cat M network specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The benefit of Badger Meter’s participation in this trial is that it offers a voice to all water utility customers in the development and design of the Cat M network. Our aim in participation is to optimize performance for current and future cellular endpoint products. Going forward, it should be anticipated that Badger Meter will continue to receive invitations for other field trials as our leadership position in the water utility market is leveraged by carriers to help them understand the diverse needs of our customers.

Please contact Kristie Anderson if you have any questions.

Drive-By Systems - Magnetic Mount Antenna Base Changes

magnetic.pngBased on utility feedback, Badger Meter has qualified an alternate vendor for magnetic mount antenna bases. Bases from this vendor feature an improved antenna cable connection and an integrated lift handle for use when removing the magnetic mount base from a vehicle. The new bases are compatible with all existing ORION® drive-by antennas, mobile transceivers and mobile receivers. With this change, part numbers 64444-002 (CE) and 64444-004 (ME) have been discontinued.
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New magnetic mount bases began shipping
October 7, 2016 for the following:
  • ORION ME Mobile Transceiver Kit
  • ORION CE Mobile Receiver Kit
  • ORS Mobile Reading System for legacy ReadCenter systems
  • 64444-005 ORION ME Magnetic Mount Antenna Assembly service parts
  • 64444-003 ORION CE Magnetic Mount Antenna Assembly service parts
Service parts orders entered prior to this announcement will be honored based on the previous 64444-005 and 64444-003 service parts pricing. Going forward, new service parts orders will be priced based on a list price of $215.00, standard parts multiplier applies. There is no change to ORION ME Mobile Transceiver Kit or ORION CE Mobile Receiver Kit pricing at this time.

Parts Lists have been updated and are available online.

Please contact Sheila Nally if you have any questions.

WaterPro Conference Video

sheila.JPGBadger Meter once again attended the National Rural Water Association's Annual WaterPro Conference and Exposition, in Orlando, FL, September 12-14, 2016. One of the main highlights included the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus demonstration stand and the in-booth video interview with Sheila Nally, associate product manager, Badger Meter, and Water World Magazine.

Watch the video on Water World's website.

Please contact Sheila Nally if you have any questions.

Document Updates

Several marketing and technical reference documents have been updated. The new document versions include up-to-date specifications and photos and have been reformatted for improved usability.
Topics in this Issue
- Cellular Field Trials
- Antenna Base
- WaterPro Video
- Document Updates
- Events
- Badger Meter eStore
- Inventory Report


October 24-28, 2016
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Booth #38

NLC - City Summit
November 16-18, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
Booth #403

New Gear Available at the New Badger Meter eStore


The Badger Meter eStore has been revamped! Clothing and other Badger Meter branded items are now available via a Land’s End sponsored eStore.

Visit the NEW Badger Meter eStore

ModMAG® M-Series® BTO Meter Inventory Report
Updated October 17, 2016

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