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October 3, 2018 Utility Field News


In this issue: From the Directors | Special Announcement | Product Updates | Industry Insights 
 Utility Sales Training

From the Directors… 
2019 Planning and Budget Process
As we work through the planning and budget process for 2019, we wanted to take a moment and thank the individual members of our direct and distributor sales team who have helped with the sales plan process. While we understand that this process can be time consuming and tedious, the sales plan information is critical for our future success. Not only does the sales plan help management measure and drive the overall success of the company, but the data is also useful in other areas of the company.

One key area where plan data is used that directly affects our sales and marketing performance is within manufacturing and supply chain. The manufacturing and supply chain team uses the sales plan data to determine what, how much and when inventory is required. If the sales plan does not do a good job at providing volumes and the type of product needed, lead times increase due to the extended delivery dates for components.

As we wrap up the sales planning process, please keep in mind how important the sales plan data is to the company. It plays an important part in measuring our business success and can influence our lead times. We appreciate everyone’s input and look forward to a successful close to 2018 and a great 2019.

frank.jpgFrank Fenton
Director - Utility Sales
National Meter & Automation/Badger Meter

fillinger.jpgJohn Fillinger
Director - Utility Marketing
Richard A. Meeusen Announces Retirement
02-10-2011 Richard Meeusen 02_head.jpgRichard A. Meeusen will retire as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, effective December 31, 2018. He will remain Chairman of the Board through 2019. Kenneth C. Bockhorst, currently President, was appointed to the Board effective immediately and will become CEO effective January 1, 2019.

"After nearly a year of working alongside Ken, I am confident this is an appropriate time to transition the chief executive responsibilities, said Meeusen. “Ken has embraced the Badger Meter culture, advanced new growth paths and instituted a continuous improvement philosophy throughout the organization during his tenure as President and Chief Operating Officer. He brings excellent strategic, operational and talent development skills to the role and is passionate about delivering outstanding returns to our stakeholders. Under his leadership, I am convinced Badger will continue to thrive.” Meeusen continued, “It has been a privilege and a highlight of my professional career to work alongside the dedicated and talented team at Badger Meter. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as CEO for the last 16 years, and look forward to continuing to contribute to Badger’s success as a member of the Board.”
E-Series® Updates
In follow up to our August 1, 2018 Field News, formal proposals for 3 in. and 4 in. E-Series Ultrasonic meters can now be requested through Customer Service. We will begin taking orders in late Q4 after full release for production.

Quoting information:
  • The 3 in. and 4 in. E-Series Ultrasonic meters can be quoted with or for ORION® endpoints only, we do not have approved connectivity with competitor technologies
  • For your reference, there is a List Price Document on the extranet that also includes a connectivity by technology chart
3 in. & 4 in. Features & Benefits
  • Incorporates Badger Meter Ultrasonic Innovation Center technology and is the first commercial electronic meter to provide pressure and temperature data
  • Pressure and temperature data is provided when connected to ORION Cellular LTE endpoints and serviced through BEACON® AMA
  • Meter alarms are surfaced through ORION Cellular LTE, ORION SE, ORION ME and BEACON AMA
  • Long-term sustained accuracy within ± 1.5%, extended low flow accuracy within ± 3% and a greater turn-down ratio when compared to competing products
  • Includes programmable registration and custom reporting features
  • First in the industry to support replaceable electronics
  • To support multiple utility applications, the 3 in. and 4 in. E-Series Ultrasonic meters will include single and dual output options
As we move closer to release for production, the Utility Products Price List will be updated to include 3 in. and 4 in. pricing. Until that time, a list pricing document exists on the extranet (login required) for reference purposes only.

Additional follow-up information and more in-depth training sessions will take place as we get closer to production release.

Please contact Brook Crevcoure with questions.

Brook Crevcoure.jpgBrooke Crevcoure 
Product Manager
Badger Meter
Now Available: Cable Shield Option
cable-shield.jpgA flexible, plastic cable shield option is now available for the
Twist Tight® connectors. The cable shield is designed to provide some protection from rodents and other physical threats to the endpoint and encoder cables.This Twist Tight in-line connector with cable shield option can be found in the price book as a wiring add-on under both the ‘Endpoints & ERTs’ and ‘Encoders’ tab. Please download the latest version of the price book to see pricing for this item.

Please contact Angela LaFever with questions.

LaFever-Angela.jpgAngela LaFever
Associate Product Manager
Badger Meter
Discontinuation: Pre-wired Assembly Configuration
Effective November 1, 2018 Badger Meter will no longer accept new orders for pre-wired encoder/endpoint assemblies for non-integral ORION® configurations. Going forward, inclusion of a connector will be required. Please communicate this change to any of your customers who are currently utilizing a pre-wired configuration. Orders in the backlog scheduled to ship after November 1 will be reviewed with Sales on a case-by-case basis for conversion to a connector assembly where possible. 

We are making this change to support distributor initiatives to reduce variations in stocking inventory, position customers to more easily transition encoders and endpoints as technology advances, and eliminate the need to replace both encoder and endpoint when only one of the two is damaged/non-functional. Please note that the inclusion of a connector wiring harness has already become the standard on E-Series Ultrasonic meters. 

As a reminder, as outlined in the Utility Product Price List, a Twist Tight in-line connector is included in the standard, published encoder and endpoint pricing and will provide the shortest lead time.  Additional costs may apply for Nicor® connectors.

Please contact Angela LaFever with questions.

LaFever-Angela.jpgAngela LaFever
Associate Product Manager
Badger Meter
Now Available: ORION CE Transition Flowchart
A new flow chart titled “ORION CE Transition to ORION Cellular Managed Solutions and ORION ME Mobile Solutions”, document number ORI-LG-02953-EN-01, is available in the Resource Library on the website (login required). This flowchart was developed in collaboration between the Utility Marketing and Solution Architect groups as a tool to help the sales force identify pertinent software and hardware requirements as ORION CE deployments transition to ORION Cellular and ORION ME endpoints.

Please contact Sheila Nally if you have any questions or feedback.

Nally_Sheila_8x10_72DPI.jpgSheila Nally
Marketing Product Training Manager
Badger Meter
Industry Insights
Smart Meters Educate Consumers On Water Usage
smart-water.jpgCan you imagine calling the electric company to demand a rebate because you just received your bill and realized that over the past month, you inadvertently left all your lights on? As ludicrous as this scenario seems, it’s exactly the type of call water utilities receive from their customers.

An unexpectedly large water bill triggers a frantic call to the utility’s customer service department. The utility suggests the home owner address a leak. A leak?

You can read the full article on WaterOnline (login required.)

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Haas-Rachael.jpgRachael Haas
Marketing Communications Specialist
Badger Meter
Utility Sales Training  RSVP Reminder! October 23-25 
As noted in the September 6 Field News, Badger Meter is offering a new 3-day training event at the Milwaukee, WI headquarters. This new event replaces what was formerly known as Distributor Product Training (DPT).

As part of the training, we will share information on current Badger Meter products and solutions; review sales strategy for transitioning utilities from legacy AMR endpoints, software and hardware to a BEACON AMA solution; discuss how to prepare winning bids and RFPs; tour the facilities (factory, Hydro Lab and Customer Experience Center); learn how to use Badger Meter’s website to locate information; and much, much more.

You don’t want to miss this event. Click here for more event information, to submit your registration and access the link to the hotel room block.

Spots are limited, so register for the October 23-25 Utility Sales Training before it’s too late!
Please contact Sheila Nally if you have any questions.

Nally_Sheila_8x10_72DPI.jpgSheila Nally
Marketing Product Training Manager
Badger Meter
M-Series BTO Meter Inventory Report
The ModMag
M-Series BTO
meter inventory report has been updated as of 
Oct 3, 2018.
New Gear Available at the Badger Meter eStore
Clothing and other Badger Meter branded items are available via a Land’s End sponsored eStore.
Full List
of Upcoming 
Events and
Trade Shows
Click the link below for the full list of events and trade shows in your area that you may want to attend.
Documentation-Updates.pngDocument Updates

Several marketing and technical reference documents have been updated. The new document versions include up-to-date specifications and photos and have been reformatted for improved usability. 


Contact Badger Meter Marketing with article ideas, information or sales success stories you would like to see in the next Field News.

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