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Panasonic Toughpad Tablet Battery Recall

Panasonic has announced a recall on batteries for a number of FZ-G1 tablet models. This recall includes all FZ-G1F series and FZ-G1J series tablets shipped by Badger Meter as of June 6th, when we received notice of the recall. Tablets shipped after June 6th are a different model number and not impacted.

Panasonic has been provided with a complete list of tablet shipments and will be reaching out to all end utility customers directly to arrange for shipment of a replacement battery pack and firmware update. In the meantime, you may provide the following link to your customers if they wish to contact Panasonic proactively to begin the process:

Replacement batteries for Badger Meter and National Meter & Automation sales/support units will be provided to the Milwaukee quality group and the owner of record will be contacted to arrange for shipment of the replacement battery pack when it arrives. Distributors who ordered a tablet for their use will be contacted directly by Panasonic.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sheila Nally
Associate Product Manager
Badger Meter