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Solids Control in Calcium Carbonate Slurry

Calcium carbonate is used in many products, but needs to be milled to the proper particle size. The process begins with a coarse powder being loaded into a mixer along with water. This slurry is pumped through the Badger Meter Coriolis flow meter to measure the percentage of concentrate. Based on this measurement, the PID controller output from the RCT1000 transmitter will modulate the water addition to the mixer to ensure the exact concentration is achieved. In this case, the target concentration is 70 percent solids to be delivered to the ball mills for final processing. In conjunction to the PID control function, the RCT1000 transmitter can also supply analog output for continuous monitoring of the percentage of solids as well as flow rate information to the control room.
slurry pumped through Coriolis flow meter