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Verify Performance and Prevent Costly Breakdowns

For processing plant managers in virtually all industries, ranging from pet food to petrochemicals, it's important to identify problematic equipment or system issues before they evolve into larger, more costly failures. System defects need to be identified quickly and on the fly, without interrupting the process or causing production downtime.
When it comes to process flow, irregular flow rates are a common indication of a leak, blockage, or other defect in a process pipeline. In many cases, meters are installed permanently into pipelines to achieve on-going flow metering. In other cases, where permanent meters are not installed or when systems are frequently altered to accommodate ever-changing processes, it's important for plant maintenance personnel to have the flexibility to quickly monitor flow without breaking into the pipeline and holding up production.

Dynasonics DXN

An ideal solution is to use non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters, which are easily clamped onto the outside of pipes without interfering with process flow. The Dynasonics DXN portable flow meter is capable of measuring a wide range of fluid types, from water to slurries using ultrasonic sensors set to Doppler or Transit Time Flight modes.
Using an intuitive Windows-based touchscreen interface on the meter, technicians can store multiple custom site parameters on the meter to allow for quick set-up at different monitoring locations throughout the process for easy system spot checks. Measurement data can also be logged and saved offline for comparison of equipment operation over time, which allows operation personnel to recognize long-term performance trends.
Using a Dynasonics DXN portable flow meter can help companies control maintenance and lost production costs by quickly and easily identifying irregularities in process flow.