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Turbo Series Meters

Turbo Series Meters

Recordall® Turbo Series meters are the smart choice for larger facilities, including hotels, apartment buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, manufacturing and processing plants, irrigation centers, and refining operations. The no-nonsense performance of this meter will help reduce your day-to-day maintenance and replacement costs, while capturing every billable penny through greater accuracy and efficiency. 



  • Direct coupled turbine based on an exclusive “floating rotor” design that reduces bearing friction and associated wear and tear
  • Low pressure loss for improved system efficiency


  • Exceeds AWWA C701, Class 2 standards and complies with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • NSF/ANSI standards 61 and 372 certified
  • Compatible with Badger Meter ORION family of endpoints and other manufacturer approved technologies


1 1/2…12 in.
Temperature Range
Up to 120 °F
Flow Range
1-1/2 inch: 2.5…200 gpm
2 inch: 2.5...310 gpm
3 inch: 4...550 gpm
4 inch: 6...1250 gpm
6 inch: 12...2500 gpm
8 inch: 20...4500 gpm
10 inch: 30...7000 gpm
12 inch: 65...8800 gpm
Pressure Range
Up to 150 PSI


Additional Specifications

Application Examples
Process Plants
Irrigation Centers
Facility or Property Management
Process or Industrial
Water Distribution

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

Connections & Flanges

Connections & Flanges More Info Less Info

Badger Meter provides connections and flanges for Recordall Disc, Turbo Compound and E-Series Ultrasonic meters. Included are cast bronze connections in both straight and bent styles, plastic swivel connections, round and elliptical flanges in cast iron and bronze.

Connections and Flanges Selection Guide (UTL-LG-00244-EN)

Strainers More Info Less Info

Badger’s dual-flange plate strainers are recommended for all Recordall® Turbo Series and Compound Series meters. These plate strainers exceed AWWA standards with an effective screening area to minimize flow restrictions to meters. The straining area is double the inlet to turbo and compound type meter cases. Badger Strainers are designed to effectively protect the measuring elements in the meters. They also assist in minimizing turbine rotor bearing loading and resultant wear to maintain accurate meter registration and extend the service life of the meter. This is accomplished by the conditioning of the flow profile of the water, minimizing velocity profile distortion caused by changes in pipe direction, valving or any other equipment that may be creating a flow disturbance upstream of the meter. For added flexibility, Badger Strainers are compatible with all makes of meters. The stainless steel screen and drain plug are removable for cleaning of the strainer in the service line.

Fire Service Strainer - Model 7000 AFSS Parts (STR-PS-00708-EN) Fire Service Strainer - Model 7000 AFSS Product Data Sheet (STR-DS-00048-EN) Plate Strainers - Fabricated Steel, Model ML-MS Parts (STR-PS-00055-EN) Plate Strainers - Fabricated Steel, Model ML-MS Product Data Sheet (STR-DS-00057-EN) Plate Strainers - Lead-Free Bronze Alloy Parts (STR-PS-00058-EN) Plate Strainers - Lead-Free Bronze Alloy Product Data Sheet (STR-DS-00056-EN) Recordall Turbo Series Meters 1 1/2…12 in. Parts List (RTS-PS-00024-EN) Strainers Warranty (STR-WR-00094-EN)
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