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RVL Series Meter

RVL Series Meter

The RVL series meter uses vortex-shedding technology has no moving parts, and any potential for fluid contamination is eliminated by the corrosion-resistant all-plastic construction. The meter includes a compact two-wire (4…20 mA) or three-wire (0…5V DC or pulse) transmitter, contained within a conveniently replaceable plug-in electronics module. All electronics are housed in a corrosion-resistant enclosure. Unlike meters containing metal or moving parts, the RVL is perfect for aggressive or easily contaminated fluids. Applications range from ultra-pure water to highly corrosive chemicals and slurries. Units can be re-calibrated and the meter output span can be reprogrammed in the field.


  • Available in 3 styles: In-line flare end style, wafer style, and in-line style


1/4...3 in.
Temperature Range
Up to 203 °F
Flow Range
0.6...300 gpm
±1 %

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Semiconductor equipment
Low viscosity slurry
Chemical processing
DI water: semiconductor, institutional
DI water skids

Petrochemical, Refining & Chemical Metering
Process or Industrial
Water & Wastewater Treatment

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