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330 Series Relay Transmitter
Impeller/Data Industrial

330 Series Relay Transmitter

The Model 330 is a compact, programmable relay control transmitter capable of converting the signal from a Badger Meter flow sensor into a flow switch. 


  • Relay Output - a pair of single pole relays, one normally open and one normally closed; both relays act in unison to the programmed parameters
  • Selectable Alarm Type - may be programmed as a high flow alarm or as a low flow alarm
  • Programmable Set & Release Points - the set point is programmed independently from the release point
  • Adjustable deadband prevents relay chatter and control cycling
  • Programmable Time Delays -  provides a time delay between crossing the set or release point and energizing or de-energizing the relay
  • Allows surges in the flow to dampen out before the control circuit reacts
  • Latch Feature - maintains the relays in the energized state even when the alarm condition has been satisfied, until manually reset
  • Remote Reset - allows all the control parameters to be reset by an external signal



Impeller-Data Industrial Product Software

DI Product Software: Ver 3.12 for Windows Xp (sp2 or higher) / Vista (sp2 or higher) / Windows 7


Temperature Range
-20...158 °F

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Flow/No Flow Indicator
High Flow/Low Flow Alarm Monitor
Booster Pump Control
Multiple Pump Staging
Leak Control

Building Automation / HVAC
Facility or Property Management
Process or Industrial

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

AC Power Adapter - 125mA

AC Power Adapter - 125mA (A503) More Info Less Info

20VAC/24 VDC @ 125mA - plug in style

AC Power Adapter - 200mA

AC Power Adapter - 200mA (A1026) More Info Less Info

20vac/12vdc @ 200mA plug in style

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