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Ellipse® Model BAR (Annular Commercial)

Ellipse® Model BAR (Annular Commercial)

The Preso Ellipse® Model BAR (Annular Commercial) is a multi-ported, self-averaging differential pressure type Ellipse flow element.  The flow element has a two piece construction, of an elliptical shape with two 100% independent flow sensing chambers to prevent signal degradation and mixing or that require dampening hardware or software. The impact velocity sensing holes are located along the leading edge and the true static sensing holes are on the exterior probe side. The probe does not generate any vortices or vacuum effects that impinge on the static pressure measurement sensing area and has a drag coefficient of 0.32 or less. Each flow sensor is complete with instrument shut off valves with provisions to accept a transmitter or direct indicating meter. An identification tag is supplied with specific flow station measurement information as required.


  • No separation effects on the low (static) pressure
  • Turndown ration of 17:1
  • No vacuum effects
  • No vortex generation
  • Very high repeatability
  • Lowest drag coefficient


  • Probe construction is 316 Stainless Steel
  • “Y” type head is brass with 1/8” FNPT
  • Pipe mounting is 3000# carbon steel thread-o-let
  • Instrument valves are 1/4” SAE flare brass ball type
  • BAR 2”–5” sensor connection – ½” brass compression w/SS ferrule
  • BAR 6”–12” sensor connection – 1” carbon steel compression w/SS ferrule
  • BAR 14”–24” sensor connection – 1- ¼”  brass compression w/SS ferrule
  • Optional: Brass ball valve with quick connect
  • Optional: Double support



2...24 in.
Temperature Range
Up to 250 °F
Flow Range
5...20,000 gpm
Pressure Range
Up to 400 PSI
(uncalibrated) ± 3/4 %

Additional Specifications

Building Automation / HVAC
Process or Industrial

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