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Model 9000 Globe Style Valve
Research Control Valve (RCV)

Model 9000 Globe Style Valve

The Model 9000 valve is an ANSI Class 300 globe style valve with bolted bonnet and post guided innervalve. The valve is designed for a variety of industrial applications. The body, bonnet and innervalve are standard in 316SST or optional Alloy C. The standard body, configured in the Flangeless/NPT version, can be installed using NPT fittings or clamped between matching companion flanges.


  • Designed to ANSI and ISA standards
  • Dual body mounting (NPT/Flangeless)
  • Wide range of innervalves
  • Linear, Equal Percent or On-Off
  • ANSI Class IV seat leak standard
  • Encapsulated body gasket
  • MoS2 filled nylon stem bushings
  • No brass or asbestos
  • Epoxy coated steel parts
  • Adjustable spring loading
  • Replaceable seats (Reduced Cv innervalves only)



1...2 in.
Temperature Range
100…1000 °F
Flow Range
0.02…25 cv
Pressure Range
Up to 720 PSI

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

High Temperature Gas Control for Automotive Test Cell
Chemical Plants
Pulp and Paper Mills
Textile Mills

Aviation & Aerospace
Oil & Gas
Petrochemical, Refining & Chemical Metering
Process or Industrial
Test Equipment & Services

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

Actuator, Pneumatic (Type PA35)

Actuator, Pneumatic (Type PA35) More Info Less Info

The PA35 actuator is a 35 square-inch pneumatic, multi-spring diaphragm actuator designed specifically to fit the RCV product line. The actuator can be used with a wide range of valve solutions from larger process valves to high pressure applications. The actuator is field reversible (without additional parts) allowing flexibility within the field. This actuator is available air-to-open or air-to-close. The actuator comes with either 3 springs for a 3…15 psi signal range or 6 springs for a 6…30 psi signal range. Both ranges are adjustable to match bench loading with the requirements for your application. The yoke and the actuator housings are made of carbon steel and coated with epoxy for corrosion resistance.

RCV Type PA35 Multi-Spring Pneumatic Actuator Product Data Sheet (RCV-DS-00618-EN) Valve Application Data Sheet Form (RCV-AS-02517-EN) Valve Order Specification Sheet (RCV-OS-03130-EN)
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