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Portable Hydraulic Testers

Portable Hydraulic Testers

Flo-tech portable hydraulic testers simultaneously measure the flow rate, temperature and pressure of hydraulic fluid. Flow rates are derived from an internal turbine meter assembly. These units were designed for testing pumps, valves, cylinders, motors, hydrostatic or power shift transmissions and power steering systems in both mobile and stationary applications. When used in a preventive maintenance program, untimely or catastrophic repairs are minimized. Three families of testers are available to provide operators with the perfect solution that fits their needs, each quipped with a carrying handle to improve portability.



Temperature Range
-40 to 300 °F
Flow Range
1…200 gpm
Pressure Range
Up to 10,000 PSI
(of full scale or reading depending on model) ±1 %

Additional Specifications

Oil & Gas
Process or Industrial
Test Equipment & Services

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

Flo-Check® USB More Info Less Info

The Flo-Check USB represents the next generation of hydraulic test equipment. The device simultaneously measures flow, pressure, temperature and power within a hydraulic system. This data is displayed and logged through a custom Windows®-based software application; data is received from the Analyzer through a standard USB cable (both software and cable are included with the unit). The Flo-Check USB is ideal for testing, troubleshooting and diagnosis in mobile and industrial hydraulic applications, and for setting hydraulic components such as pumps, valves and motors. The unit is bi-directional and includes a low-resistance load valve and internal pressure relief discs.

Flo-Tech USB Hydraulic System Analyzer Portable Hydraulic Testers Manual (TST-UM-02433-EN)

PFM Products More Info Less Info

The PFM products simultaneously measures flow, pressure and temperature within a hydraulic system. The PFM6 testing units are equipped with a digital readout for flow rate and analog pressure gauge for pressure. Both indicators are housed within a weather resistant enclosure. Also, the PFM6 is capable of uni-directional and bi-directional flows. The PFM8 further expands the PFM6 by adding a digital gauge for pressure, and the ability to calculate power, directly.  

Sensor Array More Info Less Info

The Sensor Array is the most basic, cost effective solution for portable hydraulic testing needs. Users can choose between a current, voltage or frequency output. An optional temperature probe can be provided as well as a multitude of pressure sensors to meet application requirements. With an array of various cables and accessories, the Sensor Array can easily integrate into a digital display or other reading device. 

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