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SDI Series Flow Sensor
Impeller/Data Industrial

SDI Series Flow Sensor

The SDI Series flow sensor offers unparalleled performance for liquid flow measurement in closed pipe systems in an easy-to-install economical package. Impeller sensors offer a quick response to changes in flow rate and are well suited to flow control and batch type applications in addition to flow monitoring. The new four-bladed impeller design is rugged, non-fouling and does not require custom calibration.

The battery powered versions are a complete flow measuring system providing a programmable display of rate, total or both powered by a “C” sized lithium battery.



  • Single direction powered insert with raw, scaled pulse and analog output
  • Bi-directional powered insert with analog and scaled pulse output
  • Battery powered insert with a local and remote display and scaled pulse output



Impeller-Data Industrial Product Software

DI Product Software: Ver 3.12 for Windows Xp (sp2 or higher) / Vista (sp2 or higher) / Windows 7


1-1/2...36 in.
Temperature Range
14…150 °F
Flow Range
1…20 ft/sec
Pressure Range
Up to 1000 PSI
±1 %

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Water Treatment
HVAC/Energy Monitoring 
Impeller Meter in Water Distribution and Water Supply

Building Automation / HVAC
Process or Industrial
Water & Wastewater Treatment

Product Resources

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

SDI Hot Tap Tool Thread Adaptor

SDI Hot Tap Tool Thread Adaptor (A1027) More Info Less Info


Sensor Noise Filter

Sensor Noise Filter (A1024) More Info Less Info

Sensor Protection

USB to DIC Converter Programming Kit

USB to DIC Converter Programming Kit (840134-0002) More Info Less Info

Facilitates the connection of legacy devices to USB-equipped computers. Compatible with the Data Industrial® 340 series, 300 series and SDI flow sensors (except for the battery-powered unit).

Impeller USB to DIC Converter Manual (CVT-UM-00208-EN)
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