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Square Head for Concrete Vibrators
Wyco (Concrete Finishing)

Square Head for Concrete Vibrators

Available in six sizes, the Wyco Square Head finishes the job faster because it has up to 27 percent more surface area than a round head. The square head consolidates concrete up to 50 percent faster due to its unique orbit pattern, offer longer head life than other designs because every Square Head is machined from solid bar stock and hardened for extra durability, eliminating flimsy threaded head caps. Additionally, each head is manufactured with more material in the corners so that it run cooler than traditional heads.



  • Features a constantly changing vibration pattern
  • Provides 22% more displacement
  • Offers 20% to 50% faster consolidation
  • Is more effective in low-slump concrete than round heads
  • Designed with hardened steel, the Wyco Square Head provides higher force levels, greater amplitude, longer wear, and unmatched reliability.
  • Optional Polyurethane coated heads available to prevent rebar damage


Technical Information
Square Head Size Equivalent Round
Head Size
Width of Vibration Force in lbs
@ 10,500 vpm
13/16 in 1 in 5...8 in 138
1 in  1 5/16 in 7...10 in 310
1 3/8 in 1 3/4 in 9...13 in 720
1 3/4 in 2 1/4 in 11...17 in 1150
2 in 2 1/2 in 13...22 in 1511
2 1/4 in 2 7/8 in 15...28 in 1983

Additional Specifications

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