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Exact Turbine Meters

Exact Turbine Meters

Cox Exact Dual Rotor Turbine Flow Meters are the pinnacle of turbine meter technology that delivers results not attainable with single rotor designs. The Exact meter’s hydraulically coupled helical dual rotor design provides exceptional performance and many unparalleled benefits. The patented dual rotor design extends the flow measurement range, due to the high incidence angle on the second rotor, resulting in turndowns of 120:1 on the smallest meter to 500:1 on larger meters. This exceptional flow range allows universal viscosity curves to blend over a 60:1 turndown range. This wide flow range often eliminates the need for more costly manifold systems.


  • Superior absolute accuracy with wider UVC turndown ratios
    • Cancelation of fluid swirl effects.
    • Exceptional speed-of-response, with reduced pressure drop
    • Rotor ratio diagnostics
  • Provide less friction and can be used in water and hydrocarbons
  • Greater turndown flow range, often eliminating the need for manifold systems
  • Internals are rigidly clamped against a step in the bore, with rod and nut torqued design
  • Calibrations performed in a NVLAP* accredited primary standards laboratory with audited uncertainty disclosure

*Note: NVLAP accreditation applies only to the Badger Meter Flow Dynamics calibration Lab, located in Racine, WI (Lab Code 200668-0) 


  • Dual rotors
  • Helical Rotor Design
  • High-performance ceramic ball bearings
  • Extended UVC range
  • High shock design
  • NVLAP* (Lab Code 200668-0) accredited facility with NIST traceable standards



0.25...4 in.
Temperature Range
– 150… 330 °F
Flow Range
0.025…1500 gpm
9.53…571,500 lb/hr
Pressure Range
Up to 3000 PSI
± 0.10 %

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

OEM flight and hydraulic component testing
Precision industrial blending processes
Engine test cells and stands
Precision flow monitoring
On-board aerospace and automotive testing
Custody transfer
Correlation standards
Flow transfer standard master meter
Custom flight or industrial OEM packaging

Aviation & Aerospace
Petrochemical, Refining & Chemical Metering
Process or Industrial
Test Equipment & Services

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

Cox Flow Straighteners

Cox Flow Straighteners More Info Less Info

Cox Flow Straighteners are recommended for use with turbine flow meters to prevent false readings resulting from fluid swirl. Installed upstream and downstream of a turbine meter, they are designed to reduce liquid rotation by means of a six-vane swirl eliminator and a straight runs of tubing. (The swirl eliminator is not used on sizes below 1/2")

Cox Flow Straighteners Product Data Sheet (CXX-DS-00181-EN)
Cox Signal Conditioning Amplifiers

Cox Signal Conditioning Amplifiers More Info Less Info

Cox signal conditioning amplifiers (SCAs) accept low level pickoff signals and produce a stable, amplified pulse output. These SCAs are designed for magnetic or radio frequency (RF) pickoffs and are provided in multiple product configurations:

  • MS plug-in connector
  • Standalone wire terminal puck
  • Wire terminal puck in explosion-proof housing and pickoff
  • Wire terminal puck in NEMA 4 rated box
Cox Signal Conditioning Amplifiers Product Data Sheet (CXX-DS-00896-EN)
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