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Chemical, Refining & Petrochemical
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Chemical, Refining & Petrochemical

Chemical processing involves a wide range of corrosive, aggressive liquids and gases, as well as extreme temperatures, viscosities and pressures. Flow instrumentation is required to withstand these harsh operating conditions while serving as a vital tool for production optimization.

Badger Meter products are used across the entire hydrocarbon sector—from upstream production to feedstock for the intermediate stage and downstream processing—in applications ranging from catalyst injection and gas flow measurement to batching and blending, custody transfer and fugitive emissions monitoring.

Today’s refineries and petrochemical producers face the challenges of process efficiency, energy consumption and resource utilization. Plants are also getting larger, putting pressures on capital investment, on-stream reliability and product quality. Hydrocarbon processing plants need to optimize production, manage costs and maintain safe operations. To help them do it, Badger Meter offers one of the broadest flow metering and control portfolios for the petrochemical industry.

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