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ModHopper R9120-5 Wireless Modbus Transceiver
Impeller/Data Industrial

ModHopper R9120-5 Wireless Modbus Transceiver

The ModHopper R9120-5 is a breakthrough mesh technology design that makes connecting Modbus and pulse devices simple and cost effective. Our smart ModHopper transceivers eliminate the need for costly wiring runs, allowing users to capture meter data in the most challenging retrofit and campus environments. Collect meter points in existing buildings with minimum downtime or disruption of day-to-day operations.


  • Designed specifically for wireless metering
  • Wireless mesh network self-healing, self-optimizing


  • Long distance communication (3000 ft indoor/14 miles LOS)
  • No software or programming required


Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Universities and Colleges
Industrial Plants
Commercial Facilities

Building Automation / HVAC
Facility or Property Management
Process or Industrial

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