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THT Sensor
Impeller/Data Industrial

THT Sensor

The Badger Meter Model THT Temperature Sensor provides accurate remote temperature sensing for use with Badger Meter Series 340 BN/MB BTU Transmitter, 3050 Series Monitor and other building automation applications.

The THT includes unique mounting hardware incorporating an isolation valve allowing the temperature probe to be “hot tapped”, or installed in a working pipeline without shutting down or draining the line. This hot tap capability allows temperature sensors to be retrofit to existing pipelines at a fraction of the cost of thermowell installations. For Btu measurement or submetering applications, THT temperature sensors should always be installed in pairs to match their reaction time to temperature change.


Temperature Range
0…250 °F
Pressure Range
Up to 1,000 PSI

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Cooling Towers
HVAC Systems

Building Automation / HVAC

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