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Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, the flow of liquids and gases must be measured during every phase of exploration, production and transportation. These applications demand the highest flow meter accuracy and reliability, as well as long-term stability and a low cost-of-ownership. Badger Meter offers one of the broadest product portfolios for use in upstream operations that span offshore to onshore activities, including well testing, enhanced oil recovery, fractionation, completion, and separation to recover and prepare crude oil and natural gas.

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Learn more about some of our solutions for your industry:

Turbine flow meters provide high accuracy in measuring everything from water in hydraulic fracturing and mining operations to gases and liquids from wellheads, plus various fluids in sanitary environments. View products...

Variable-area flow meters (rotameters) for hydraulic and pneumatic flow measurement solutions involving petroleum type fluids, water-based fluids, water, phosphate esters, pressurized air and other compressed gases. View products... 

Differential pressure technology providing a reliable long-term solution for fluid, steam or gas applications. View products...

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