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EC80 Flow Processor

EC80 Flow Processor

The Cox EC80 Flow Processor is a programmable electronic processor, providing total compensation to enhance flow meter accuracy, while extending the linear flow range. Packaging is provided for remote, direct or embedded mounting to support most installation or application requirements.

The compact design includes both single and dual frequency inputs from 4 or 10 ohm pickups, as well an RTD input and an additional analog input for other temperature inputs. The EC80 processor tracks all variables to compensate for viscous and inertial effects, using proven Strouhal-Roshko algorithms. Enhanced DSP technology allows for exceptional signal characterization using a 32-bit floating point processor at 150 MHz, capable of producing a 100 microsecond speed of response.


  • Enhanced low-flow resolution and output smoothing
  • Dynamic response to changing conditions with fully compensated output
  • Easily interfaces to data acquisition or control system
  • Revert to original settings via stored files
  • No need for additional amplifiers or signal conditioners, yielding cost savings
  • User assigned output variables allows for greater ease of system integration


  • Rotor blade pulse averaging
  • Strouhal-Roshko computation, using 16-bit resolution
  • Dual outputs provide both frequency and analog signals
  • Recallable and stored calibration data
  • Internal amplifier and signal conditioners
  • Assignable outputs



Temperature Range
-40...185 °F
± 0.1 %

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Precision monitoring
Engine test cells and test stands
On-board automotive and aerospace testing
Control loops
Custom OEM flight and commercial applications

Aviation & Aerospace
Petrochemical, Refining & Chemical Metering
Process or Industrial
Test Equipment & Services

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