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340N2 Series Metasys Btu Transmitter
Impeller/Data Industrial

340N2 Series Metasys Btu Transmitter

The Series 340N2 BTU transmitter is an economical, compact device for sub-metering applications using Johnson Controls Metasys Network Companion™ and Facilitator™ Supervisory Systems.


  • On-board microcontroller and digital circuitry make precise measurements and produce accurate, drift-free outputs


  • Calculates thermal energy by measuring liquid flow in a closed pipe hydronic system by integrating the flow and temperature inputs
  • Accepts the signal from any Data Industrial raw pulse flow sensor, as well as many other pulse and sine wave devices



DI Product Software: Ver 3.12 for Windows Xp (sp2 or higher) / Vista (sp2 or higher) / Windows 7


Temperature Range
-20...158 °F

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Building Automation Control

Building Automation / HVAC

Product Resources

Parts, Accessories & Other Options

AC Power Adapter - 125mA

AC Power Adapter - 125mA (A503) More Info Less Info

20VAC/24 VDC @ 125mA - plug in style

AC Power Adapter - 200mA

AC Power Adapter - 200mA (A1026) More Info Less Info

20vac/12vdc @ 200mA plug in style

Programming Kit for 300 Series Transmitters

Programming Kit for 300 Series Transmitters (A301-20) More Info Less Info

Programming Kit

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