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4010/4020 Flow Computers

4010/4020 Flow Computers

The Cox 4010 and 4020 flow computers are designed for liquid applications with potential-varying process conditions. Panel mounted, these flow computers can simultaneously display linearized rate and total flow information. Flow can be monitored in various standard units of measurement, such as GPM, LPM, CCM for volume and PPH for mass.

The 4010 provides an economical solution for users who need a remote indication of flow reading. The 4020 is an extension of the 4010, by means of an added RTD temperature sensor input for fluid viscosity correction and a 4...20 mA output. 

New Product Available! 4010/4020 Flow Computers are superseded by the FC-5000


  • Higher resolution for improved linearization
  • Five programmable outputs (three transistors and two relays); assigned to rate, temperature or pressure
  • Fluctuations in viscosity, due to temperature variances, are automatically compensated by means of pre-programed viscosity vs. temperature data
  • Integration into chart recorders, indicators and data acquisition systems
  • NEMA 4 [IP 65]
  • Clear, easy-to-read 0.2 in. (5 mm) size digits


  • 40 point linearization
  • Set point functions
  • Temperature compensation (4020 only)
  • Isolated analog output (4020 only)       
  • Vacuum fluorescent display


Temperature Range
32…131 °F
±0.05 %

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Application Examples

Flight and Hydraulic Component Testing
Engine Test Cells and Test Stands
Precision Flow Monitoring
Aerospace and Automotive Testing

Aviation & Aerospace
Oil & Gas
Process or Industrial
Test Equipment & Services

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