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E-Series® Ultrasonic Meters

E-Series® Ultrasonic Meters

E-Series® Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter use solid-state technology in a compact, totally encapsulated, weatherproof, and UV-resistant housing, suitable for residential and commercial applications. Equipped with an easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display, the ultrasonic meter reports consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication, and alarms. With no moving parts, the E-Series Ultrasonic meter improves reliability and has greater extended low flow accuracy compared to mechanical meters.



  • No moving parts virtually eliminates mechanical wear
  • Sealed, non-removable, tamper-protected meter and register
  • Minimum extended low-flow rate lower than typical positive displacement meters
  • Utilizes the high resolution industry standard ASCII encoder protocol


  • Materials: stainless steel, engineered polymer
  • Simplified one-piece electronic meter and register are integral to meter body
  • Easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display reports consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication, and alarms
  • Complies with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Compatible with Badger Meter ORION® family of endpoints and other manufacturer approved technologies


5/8…2 in.
Temperature Range
34…140 °F
Flow Range
5/8 inch: 0.05…25 gpm
5/8 x 3/4 inch: 0.05...25 gpm
3/4 inch: 0.05...32 gpm
1 inch: 0.025...55 gpm
1-1/2 inch: 0.40...100 gpm
2 inch: 0.50...160 gpm
Pressure Range
Up to 175 PSI

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Residential Water Metering
Residential Fire Service

Water Distribution

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

Connections & Flanges

Connections & Flanges More Info Less Info

Badger Meter provides connections and flanges for Recordall Disc, Turbo Compound and E-Series Ultrasonic meters. Included are cast bronze connections in both straight and bent styles, plastic swivel connections, round and elliptical flanges in cast iron and bronze.

Connections and Flanges Selection Guide (UTL-LG-00244-EN) Recordall Turbo Series Meters 1 1/2…12 in. Parts List (RTS-PS-00024-EN)

HR-RED More Info Less Info

The High Resolution Remote Electronic Display (HR-RED) is designed to provide remote visual readings when connected directly to Badger Meter high resolution products: HR-E®, HR-E LCD, HR-E LCD 4-20 encoders, or E-Series® Ultrasonic meters. The HR-RED
is used to read compatible encoder products that are not easily accessible or are in difficult to read locations. Installations such as those inside houses or buildings, meter vaults, or dangerous industrial locations are ideal for the HR-RED.

HR-RED High Resolution Remote Electronic Display Installation Data (DSY-UM-02471-EN) HR-RED High Resolution Remote Electronic Display Product Data Sheet (DSY-DS-02304-EN)
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