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High Resolution Encoder (HR-E LCD) 4-20
High Resolution Encoders

High Resolution Encoder (HR-E LCD) 4-20

High Resolution LCD 4-20 encoders from Badger Meter are fully electronic, solid-state, field programmable and are designed for use with all current Badger Meter Recordall Disc Series, Turbo Series, Compound Series, Combo Series and Fire Service meters. The HR E-LCD 4-20 encoder produces an industry standard ASCII encoder output as well as an analog 4-20 mA DC output signal through a dual output wire design.  Through the encoded output, the HR-E LCD 4-20 is compatible with Badger Meter ORION family of endpoints and other manufacturer approved technologies. 


  • HR-E LCD 420 produces a industry standard encoded output as well as a 4-20 mA DC output through a dual output wire design
  • Factory programmed to customer specifications with field programming capabilities


  • Dual output wire design allows you to connect to varying devices depending on your needs
  • Built to withstand harsh environments, including flooded pits through unique adhesive sealing technology
  • LCD display automatically toggles between a visual resolution mode, rate of flow mode and meter model mode


Temperature Range
-40...140 °F

Additional Specifications

Facility or Property Management
Water & Wastewater Treatment
Water Distribution

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