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Industrial Turbo Series

Industrial Turbo Series

The Industrial Turbine Meter is a rugged, reliable meter ideally suited for industrial fluid applications. Its compact size and ease of serviceability without removal from the line make this a cost effective selection. Designed with performance in mind, the meter provides a high level of accuracy over a wide flow range with a minimum of pressure loss.


  • Helps reduce day-to-day maintenance costs while delivering accurate and efficient performance


  • Direct coupled turbine based on an exclusive “floating rotor” design that reduces bearing friction and associated wear and tear
  • Low pressure loss for improved system efficiency
  • Exceptional registration accuracy across low flow rate, normal operating flow rate and maximum continuous operation flow
  • Permanently sealed, tamper-resistant register or encoder
  • Meters and encoders are compatible with Badger Meter AMR/AMI meter reading systems and other approved reading technologies


1 1/2…20 in.
Temperature Range
Up to 120 °F
Flow Range
2.5…19,800 gpm
Pressure Range
Up to 150 PSI

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Apartment Buildings
Irrigation Centers
Manufacturing and Processing Plants

Building Automation / HVAC
Process or Industrial
Water & Wastewater Treatment

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