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MEASURE RITE® Truck Meters

MEASURE RITE® Truck Meters

The MEASURE RITE® Meter is designed for use in the demanding Ready-mix industry and with four different models that will address the quality control gaps that still remain in your process.

The MR1, MR1-R and MR1-P truck mounted units allow accurate tracking of all add-water by the driver. The MR1-B permits accurate tracking of all Temper and Slump-Rack water usage without the need for an external power supply.


  • Highly rugged meter body and electronics housing
  • Can be blown dry, will not be damaged by sudden air-flow
  • Withstands direct hose-spray washdown
  • Single-button operation for both Zero Re-Set
  • Sealed housing, window and push-button
  • Powered from truck wiring or internal battery
  • Calibration in "Pounds" for compliance with ALDOT procedures
  • Resists vibration damage associated with truck-mounting

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Metering Site Add-Water for Rear Discharge Mixers
Metering Site Add-Water for Front Discharge Mixers
Metering On Mixers with Fleet Management Systems
Metering Temper and Slump-Rack Water

Concrete Production

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