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PDCL 400
Flow Dynamics

PDCL 400

The Positive Displacement Liquid Calibrator (PDLC 400) provides calibration for multiple meters 2-1/2 in. or smaller. Having an integrated Flo-Cal user interface and DAQ system installed on the frame of the calibrator reduces floor space and eliminates the need for a cart. This robust Primary Standard Calibrator incorporates a unique return line cyclone system that filters air entrapment from being re-circulated back into the flow meter under test. All PDLC calibrators have an excellent electronic signal-to-noise ratio providing the highest quality of captured data obtainable. Panel frame coverings are optional along with automatic test section bleed valves.


  • The precision cylinder ensures ample volume to capture stable data at max flow rate
  • Has isolation valves in the test section, which reduce the amount of fluid loss when meters are installed or removed
  • An internal pump is provided to simplify filling and draining the calibrator
  • The system automatically cycles the fluid for mixing of fluids


  • Has separate temperature sensors for the cylinder and test section to correct for changes in volume as recommended by NIST
  • Have long test sections that can accommodate two turbine flowmeters with flow straighteners in tandem. This is the recommended set-up for a NIST roundrobin calibration check
  • Comes standard with frequency, voltage and current inputs
  • Has three rate-control valves for course, medium and fine flow rate control
  • Provides a filtered pump to return fluid from the test section pan to the reservoir
  • Provides provides automatic temperature control using a fluid heater plus connections for a chilled water flow loop
  • The run and return valves are activated automatically by software commands


Up to 2.5 in.
Temperature Range
40…140 °F
Flow Range
0.001…400 gpm
Pressure Range
Up to 120 PSI
±0.05 %

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