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Type 1711HD Severe Service Valve
Research Control Valve (RCV)

Type 1711HD Severe Service Valve

The 1711HD features a high pressure bar stock body with a union bonnet, with an oversized stem and extra heavy duty guided innervalve for added strength and longevity. The stem packing is designed for tight sealing, long life and easy maintenance. The union bonnet with a graphite gasket provides excellent sealing without having bonnet threads in contact with the process fluid. The multi-spring, field adjustable 35 square-inch, diaphragm actuator can be either ATO or ATC action. Maximum corrosion protection on all nonstainless actuator components are standard. 


  • Interchangeable trim sets
  • Heavy duty union bonnet
  • Different trim characteristics available (linear, equal percent, quick open or double taper)
  • TFE chevron packing
  • Stellite inlaid innervalves
  • ANSI Class IV shutoff
  • High pressure and temperature rating
  • Encapsulated graphite body bonnet gasket
  • Dual IEC 534 (NAMUR) accessory mounts
  • Adjustable spring preload and up-travel stop


Intuitive software for efficient, accurate and confident valve sizing and configuration is available for download. Learn more about the RCVcalc Sizing Software:



1/2 in.
Temperature Range
75...850 °F
Pressure Range
Up to 10,000 PSI

Additional Specifications

Aviation & Aerospace
Chemical, Refining & Petrochemical
Oil & Gas
Process or Industrial
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