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SRD/SRI Valve Positioners
Research Control Valve (RCV)

SRD/SRI Valve Positioners

Research Control® SRD smart valve positioners deliver actionable diagnostic information about valve performance and assist compliance with fugitive emissions regulations. SRI analog valve positioners are also available. The SRD 960 (explosion-proof) and SRD 991 (intrinsically safe) digital valve positioners are economical solutions for diverse applications. An optional base model, the SRI 990, provides analog valve control. Users can easily upgrade from SRI to SRD.



  • Compatible with most pneumatically-actuated valves
  • Easily mounts to all linear and rotary actuators
  • Reduces effects of on-line valve friction


Intuitive software for efficient, accurate and confident valve sizing and configuration is available for download. Learn more about the RCVcalc Sizing Software:


Additional Specifications

Aviation & Aerospace
Chemical, Refining & Petrochemical
Oil & Gas
Process or Industrial
Test Equipment & Services

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Parts, Accessories & Other Options

SRD960 RCV Universal Positioner

SRD960 RCV Universal Positioner More Info Less Info

The SRD960 RCV Universal Positioner offers the most advanced technology available on the market today. This includes among others an infrared interface for wireless operation and configuration, a multi-lingual full-text graphic LCD and an availability with the choice of all in the process automation applied communication protocols. It offers enhanced applications and methods to analyze recorded stroke data.

SRD991 RCV Intelligent Valve Positioner

SRD991 RCV Intelligent Valve Positioner More Info Less Info

The top-mounted SRD991 digital positioner is integral with the Type 766 actuator, spring opposed diaphragm actuator designed specifically to fit the Research Control Valve body-bonnet assembly. The unique positioner is compatible for both the 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. actuator

SRI990 RCV Analog Positioner

SRI990 RCV Analog Positioner More Info Less Info

The SRI990 RCV Analog Positioner with analog input 4…20 mA is designed to operate pneumatic valve actuators. It offers an easy adjustment by means of switches and potentiometers. The modular structure of this positioner series enables conversion from an analog to an “intelligent” positioner by exchanging the electronics.

Stainless Steel Housing for RCV Positioners SRD991-SRI990

Stainless Steel Housing for RCV Positioners SRD991-SRI990 More Info Less Info

This product is a rugged stainless steel housing and an extensive choice of electronic boards from SRI990 or SRD991.

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