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Fluid Management System
Automotive Oval Gear

Fluid Management System

The Badger Meter Fluid Management System (FMS) is designed to control and monitor the consumption and inventory balances of automotive fluid products with minimal installation and programming costs. Badger Meter has used its years of expertise in the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) market to develop a control system using RF communications between the keypad and the meter.

The wall-mounted keypad module consists of a 12-button keypad, LCD display and integral ticket printer. The system can control up to 30 meters and track 8 different fluids and tanks, sending and receiving data typically up to 300 feet in a service facility installation.


  • Low installation cost
  • Inventory control
  • Ease of use


  • Patented "lockout" to prevent unauthorized dispenses
  • Oval Gear metering technology
  • Measurement in Pints, Quarts, US Gallons or Liters
  • Field replaceable AA Batteries in meters
  • Control of portable fluid tanks
  • Integral ticket printer
  • Serial port for report printer/remote ticket printer
  • Remote antenna kit (optional)
  • Precision control valve operation


Temperature Range
20…120 °F
Flow Range
0.25…10 gpm

Additional Specifications

Application Examples

Fleet Maintenance Ships
Industrial Assembly
Quick Lube Facilities
Automotive Dealerships
Specialty Service and Repair Shops
Construction and Mining Equipment Service Centers
Additive Dispensing

Automotive Fluid Dispensing

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