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High Resolution Encoders


The High Resolution 8-dial Encoder (HR-E®) from Badger Meter uses a non-contact field-proven light emitting diode technology to provide a high resolution 8-digit reading while at the same time eliminating friction and wear of traditional mechanical encoders. The HR-E communicates using the industry standard ASCII communication protocol to provide high resolution encoded output.


HR-E Dial FaceHow to read the HR-E Encoder
The standard encoder output of the HR-E is 8 digits. Though the encoder output is 8-digit resolution, the reading resolution sent to the reading software is dependent on the endpoint that the HR-E is connected to. The How to Read HR-E tool displays the reading at the encoder, the reading from the endpoint technology and the reading that is sent to the billing system.


  • No programming or setting adjustments required during installation or wire repair
  • Built to withstand harsh environments, including flooded pits, through unique adhesive sealing technology
  • Terminal screw version available for ease in indoor installation
  • Compatible with Badger Meter ORION® family of endpoints and other manufacturer approved technologies


  • High resolution 8-digit encoded output for AMR/AMI applications
  • Frictionless, non-contact wheel position encoding
  • Uses industry standard communication protocol and proven light emitting diode (LED) technology
  • U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,928,728 and 8,015,020


Temperature Range
-40…140 °F

Additional Specifications

Facility or Property Management
Water Distribution

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HR-RED More Info Less Info

The High Resolution Remote Electronic Display (HR-RED) is designed to provide remote visual readings when connected directly to Badger Meter high resolution products: HR-E®, HR-E LCD, HR-E LCD 4-20 encoders, or E-Series® Ultrasonic meters. The HR-RED
is used to read compatible encoder products that are not easily accessible or are in difficult to read locations. Installations such as those inside houses or buildings, meter vaults, or dangerous industrial locations are ideal for the HR-RED.

HR-RED High Resolution Remote Electronic Display Installation Data (DSY-UM-02471-EN) HR-RED High Resolution Remote Electronic Display Product Data Sheet (DSY-DS-02304-EN)
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