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As the leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic flow measurement solutions, the Hedland product line features over 18,000 in-line variable area flow meters (sometimes referred to as rotameters) to measure petroleum-based fluids, water-based fluids, water, phosphate esters, pressurized air and other compressed gases.

Hedland flow meters, flow switches and test kits provide a quick, visual flow indication on an easy-to-read linear scale to confirm that flow circuits and on-machinery hydraulic or pneumatic systems are operating properly. Additionally, Hedland MR Transmitters present flow rate and totals on a digital display, with the ability to transmit data via analog signal to remote locations. With models available for standard, high-temperature and corrosive applications, Hedland products are perfectly suited for the most demanding applications in fluid power, oil and gas, automotive, semiconductor, mining and discrete manufacturing. Standard products have a choice of aluminum, brass or stainless steel bodies, while the EZ-View products have various end fitting materials and polysulfone bodies to deliver cost-effective solutions for applications based on fluid compatibility, temperature and pressure.

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