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Improve Your Utility Operations With a Cellular AMI Smart Water Solution

Smart water metering solutions are revolutionizing the water utility industry as we know it, especially with the introduction of cellular advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions. Utilities across the country are transitioning to cellular AMI smart water systems to improve their meter reading, customer service processes and citywide resilience. Our smart water solutions are designed with your utility in mind. That’s right—regardless of your utility’s size, population or location, we have a unique solution just for you.

A few of the benefits utilities are realizing by upgrading to cellular AMI solutions include:

Meter Reading Improvements

  • Increase meter reading efficiency: With a cellular AMI system, utilities can measure virtually 100% of flow volume remotely because meter data is automatically collected four times every day at pre-determined intervals.
  • Assure long-term meter accuracy: Smart water systems allow utilities to monitor their infrastructure health 24/7. Any flow or usage abnormalities are noted so utilities can address the issue and assure meter accuracy throughout the entire system.
  • Decrease non-revenue water: Cellular AMI systems monitor water flow to provide consistently accurate water usage data and automatic leak detection. If excess water consumption is detected, utility accounts are automatically flagged so the problem can be addressed.

Customer Service and Utility Processes

  • Improve customer service processes: Smart water data shows how and where customers are using their water, which gives utilities the opportunity to suggest ways customers can reduce their water consumption. With this granular data, customers are empowered to monitor their water usage and quickly discover potential leaks, which increases awareness and reduces customer complaints.
  • Better utilization of human resources: Because cellular AMI solutions leverage existing cellular networks, utilities no longer need to monitor, manage or maintain infrastructure. Automatic data collection also means manual, walk-by or drive-by reads in the field aren’t required. Instead, utilities can focus their efforts on providing safe drinking water.
  • Utilize analytics to better manage utility: With a more detailed overview of water data analytics, utility leaders can identify inefficiencies to improve operations, reduce costs and prevent outages by accurately predicting when to replace aging equipment.

Citywide Resiliency and Sustainability

  • Support citywide smart initiatives: Cellular AMI smart water systems provide a cellular network connection that can be upgraded and expanded as utilities grow or their service needs change. Additionally, these systems are designed to function with other smart city systems that may be introduced in the future.
  • Improve utility resiliency and emergency preparedness: If a big storm or natural disaster temporarily disables a cellular network, network carriers send dedicated teams to restore service as soon as conditions are safe. Restoring cellular network service is a top priority to aid in first response efforts, which subsequently restores water service quickly too. This allows utilities to monitor water flow, ensure water quality and address any issues.
  • Aid utility sustainability efforts: In addition to reducing water loss, utilities often look for smart water solutions that utilize reliable, existing infrastructure that can be expanded to meet future needs without disrupting the environment or exponentially raising water bills.
  • Address drought concerns to improve resilience: Cellular AMI systems support utilities in becoming more resilient to the impacts of a drought by identifying immediate needs. This helps utilities maintain water service for customers and provide data to develop a long-term strategy to address declining water supplies.

Cellular AMI Smart Water Success Stories

Don’t just take it from us—these success stories share actual examples of how utilities throughout the country are benefiting from cellular AMI solutions:


columbiaColumbia Water

Columbia, South Carolina | Size: 320 sq. mi. | Population: 400,000 Residents

City and utility leaders in Columbia, South Carolina recognized a need to upgrade the city’s aging water system to improve reliability, efficiency and conservation. They selected a cellular AMI system with BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) cloud-based software suite and ORION® Cellular LTE-M endpoints from Badger Meter to better support its 150,000 metered accounts.

View the Columbia, SC Case Study Video >


bedfordBedford Public Works Department

Bedford, Texas | Size: 10 sq. mi. | Population: 49,500 Residents

Water utility leaders in Bedford, Texas realized their prior water system was not monitoring or recording water usage as well as they thought, so they upgraded to a cellular AMI system with BEACON AMA software suite, ORION Cellular LTE endpoints and EyeOnWater® consumer engagement tool. This solution eliminated the time and cost that comes with installing and maintaining communication infrastructure and improved engagement with customers. In fact, the project came in nearly $1 million under budget. Results include:

  • 20-25% increase in data accuracy immediately following installation
  • 99.9-100% read accuracy across entire water system
  • Reduction in customer calls and time spent disputing complaints due to accurate data 

Read the Bedford Public Works Department Case Study >

auburndaleCity of Auburndale Public Utilities Department

Auburndale, Florida | Population: 11,700 Residential and 1,100 Commercial Customers

Public Utilities Department leaders recognized a need to upgrade aging infrastructure across its water system, so they selected an AMI system with BEACON AMA and ORION Cellular endpoints to reduce time spent reading meters manually. The automation also allowed the utility to monitor the system more efficiently, so they could focus on customer service and other projects. Results include:

  • Eliminated need to build and maintain fixed network infrastructure by leveraging existing cellular network
  • Improved customer service by providing residents with access to up-to-the-hour water consumption data
  • Reduced meter reading inefficiencies by investing in highly accurate meters and endpoints that eliminate the need for in-field metering

Read the City of Auburndale Public Utilities Department Case Study >


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