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Smart Water ROI Projection Tool

Estimate the incremental revenue and cost-avoidance benefits of deploying smart water meters and infrastructure-free AMI for your system or for a group of services within your system.

water usage type

To create an estimate of the financial impact, tell us a bit about the services you are considering for the deployment.

Current meters profile

Meter reading and rates

All fields are required
All fields are required
The total number of meters based on the size and type selected for evaluation.
Estimated accuracy for the meter type and size selected for evaluation. Use a whole number not a decimal. E.g. 90 will work for 90%, but .9 will not.
All fields are required
The average monthly water consumption per meter
Billing rate per unit
Billing rate per unit
The type of meter reading technology being applied to the majority of your meters selected for evaluation.
The number of times each of the services selected for evaluation is billed per year
The cost of performing a single customer read for the meter selected for evaluation.


Meter Revenue Gain

The amount of incremental revenue generated by an increase in meter accuracy over time.


Cost Avoidance

The total value of costs avoided with deployment of infrastructure-free AMI.


Sum Total

The sum of Meter Revenue Gain plus Cost Avoidance. Shown as a rounded total.